Calgary is the largest city in Alberta, and the third largest one in Canada. In 2018 and 2019, it was ranked the most livable city in North America, so if you are thinking about moving to Calgary sometime soon, you are not alone. There are many opportunities to buy or rent a home in the city.

Which one of the city’s many neighbourhoods is the best one? Of course, the answer to this question depends on what you like and on what you are looking for. To help you make your choice, here is a list of the top ten best neighbourhoods in Calgary to buy a new home:

1. Beltline, Calgary (Population: 24,887)

Quadrant: Southwest/Southeast

Beltline is a community located near the downtown core of Calgary, and it’s often considered one of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary. People who work downtown appreciate living in Beltline since they can easily walk to work. In fact, people living in Beltline can walk to many restaurants, pubs, shopping venues, parks and fun events.

There are also a few schools located near the neighbourhood. Beltline is one of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary if you enjoy the energy of downtown, nightlife, urban culture and entertainment options. It features many apartments and condos, along with a large selection of Beltline homes for sale.

2. Brentwood, Calgary (Population: 7,346)

Quadrant: Northwest

Brentwood is a neighbourhood located in the northwest quadrant of Calgary. More than 60% of homes in this neighbourhood are single-family homes, and many elementary schools, high schools, and even a college are located in this community. There are also many parks, shopping centers, and recreational facilities.

Brentwood could be a perfect neighbourhood to raise children, and many of its residents are able to walk or bike to work. There are many single-family residential homes, but also many townhouses and apartments, and it’s easy to get to downtown Calgary from Brentwood.

3. Arbour Lake, Calgary (Population: 10,636)

Quadrant: Northwest

Arbour Lake is a residential neighbourhood in which there is one public middle school, one high school, and a Catholic school. More than 68% of the neighbourhood’s homes are single-family homes, so this is another good community for families.

Arbour Lake has many family-friendly amenities, including parks, a bike and walkway path, and of course, a beautiful lake with a beach that is only accessible to members of the residents’ association.

4. Huntington Hills, Calgary (Population: 13,409)

Quadrant: Northwest/Northeast

Huntington Hills is a residential neighbourhood located in the northwest and northeast quadrant of Calgary. This community is served by many schools, and it features several parks and green spaces.

This is one of the best Calgary neighbourhoods for the family-oriented Canadian. Families who choose to settle in Huntington Hills can also enjoy restaurants, recreational facilities, and other amenities, but most workers can’t bike or walk to work.

5. Signal Hill, Calgary (Population: 13,488)

Quadrant: Southwest

Signal Hill is a wealthy community that contains two residential neighbourhoods: Sienna Hills, and Signal Ridge. Families who live in Signal Hill can enjoy many shopping centres, recreational centres, restaurants, and parks.

There are also schools located in this community, and more than 65% of homes are single-family homes. If you have the budget, this is one of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary for affluent Canadians.

6. Downtown East Village, Calgary (Population: 3,543)

Quadrant: Southeast

Downtown East Village, also known simply as East Village, is a neighbourhood which is part of downtown Calgary. It used to be a commercial and industrial development, but it now also features condo towers and other residential developments.

Many workers can walk or bike to work, and residents can enjoy many restaurants, recreational facilities, and other amenities.

7. Edgemont, Calgary (Population: 15,442)

Quadrant: Northwest

Edgemont is a residential neighbourhood where more than 81% of homes are single-family homes. This is one of the best and most well-rounded neighbourhoods in Calgary, featuring quality schools, many parks, hospitals, and walking paths.

This is another neighbourhood perfect to settle with a family and raise children. Many residents are proud homeowners with a strong sense of community.

8. Crescent Heights, Calgary (Population: 6,598)

Quadrant: Northeast/Northwest

Crescent Heights is a neighbourhood located immediately north to downtown Calgary. This is a family-friendly neighbourhood where many people are able to walk or bike to work.

There are many shopping venues, restaurants, green spaces, and other amenities to enjoy, as well as a public high school.

9. Aspen Woods, Calgary (Population: 9,421)

Quadrant: Southwest

Aspen Woods is a community located close to the core of downtown Calgary. About 71% of its homes are single-family homes, which makes it another family-friendly neighbourhood with many schools, parks, and biking pathways.

Aspen Woods residents can also enjoy shopping venues, restaurants, and other popular amenities.

10. Bridgeland-Riverside, Calgary (Population: 6,529)

Quadrant: Northeast

Bridgeland-Riverside is located northeast of downtown Calgary. This is mostly a residential community that features condos and single-family houses.

Like many great neighbourhoods, Bridgeland-Riverside has a variety of restaurants, stores, schools, and parks to offer. Many people are able to walk or bike to work. The neighbourhood is also home to the Calgary Zoo.

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