Regardless of how people define what makes a great leader and what makes a mediocre one, they can generally agree on the qualities and personality traits that a leader should have and demonstrate.

Does your team leader possess at least a few of these best leadership qualities? If so, you should feel grateful for their presence and their influence in your life.

Here are 12 best leadership qualities to become a great leader:

1. The ability to inspire others

A great leader is an inspiration to the people they work with. When a situation becomes difficult, everyone looks up to their leader for inspiration and motivation.

A great leader is someone you want to follow, someone you trust, someone who helps you feel empowered, and makes you want to improve your own skills.

2. Complete integrity

Integrity is a quality that every leader should possess. An honest leader who is always transparent with their team will set a good example for them.

The integrity of a great leader will also be appreciated by their clients and investors. No one likes doing business with someone who is dishonest and lacks integrity.

3. Effective communication skills

A leader should possess effective communication skills, so they can be able to clearly explain what they expect from each of their team members.

Keep in mind that being able to convey a message effectively is not enough. Great communication skills imply that a leader is also able to listen to what their team members are saying.

4. Unquestionable confidence

A great leader should exhibit unquestionable confidence. No one wants to follow a leader who seems to be doubting themselves, their skills and their decisions constantly.

However, being confident does not mean that a leader should be arrogant, or that they should never question what they do and the decisions they make. A great leader should also be open and humble.

5. Great intuition

Knowledge and experience are helpful, but they won’t necessarily be the answer to all issues. A great leader should be able to trust their intuition and their instincts.

That means that even when a situation seems perfect, a good leader might still trust that little voice inside their mind that tells them that something is wrong, and that they should do something about it.

6. Endless curiosity

Curiosity is another great quality for a leader to have. When someone is curious, they will always try to learn new things, or to search for new solutions to the problems they regularly encounter.

Someone who is not curious might not try to figure out if something could be improved, or if there might be a better way to perform a task.

7. The ability to make decisions

Leaders have to make a lot of decisions, and they need to be able to make them when the time comes.

It doesn’t mean that all of the decisions they make should be perfect. It means they have to be able to trust their judgement and to make a choice to the best of their abilities.

8. A futuristic vision

A great leader should have a futuristic vision. They have to be able to think about the future of their business, and to innovate.

Without a futuristic vision, it can become difficult for a business or an organization to have a future at all.

9. Amazing creativity

To be able to constantly innovate, a leader also needs to be creative. To be creative means that you have an ability to think differently, to see things others are not seeing, and to stand out from the crowd.

Creativity can bring solutions to any problems, and answers to any questions. A creative leader will not be afraid of new challenges.

10. A good sense of humor

Having a good sense of humor gives some additional power to a leader. Someone who is able to ease tension, to defuse conflicts and to cheer up their colleagues is always good to have around.

Humor can also give us one more good reason to get up in the morning and to go to work with a smile on our face.

11. Undeniable passion

A leader also needs passion. If a team leader doesn’t care about the work they have to do, how could they expect anyone else to care?

Being a great leader takes passion, commitment and dedication. Those qualities can’t really be teached and acquired: they have to be inspired by someone or something.

12. Magnanimity

Finally, a great leader should have magnanimity. They should be able to hold others accountable for what they are doing, and to give credit where credit is due.

They should not be afraid of taking responsibilities for failures and mistakes, as these are opportunities to learn something new, to keep moving forward and to try to do better next time.

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