Ontario is widely recognized as one of Canada’s most privileged provinces. It is home to some of the country’s most luxurious neighbourhoods and properties, predominantly in the Greater Toronto Area and elsewhere. Ontario is filled with million-dollar properties and unique amenities, and welcoming everyone from entrepreneurs to rock stars as investors and homeowners.

Here are the twelve top rich neighbourhoods in Ontario.

1. Bridle Path, Toronto

Bridle Park is called ‘Billionaire’s Road.’ It’s filled with multi-million dollar mansions around the Don River Valley, often on multi-acre grounds. In Bridle Park, you have the best quality medical care, access to public and private schools on Bayview Avenue, and nearby luxury shopping centers, not to mention the beauty of Edwards Gardens.

2. Yonge-St. Clair, Toronto

Yonge-St. Clair, aka Deer Park, is quiet, charming, and highly sought after by people all over Ontario. Many seniors and professional real estate investors go for the condo properties here. In contrast, families and more permanent residents target the larger restored 19th-century Victorian homes with an average price slightly above $4 million. Toronto also has homes available in different price ranges, so work with a luxury real estate agent to find something that matches your budget.

3. Rosedale, Toronto

Rosedale is a glimpse into historic Toronto. See dotted trees, classic Toronto architecture, and isolation in how the streets twist and turn. Residents in Rosedale enjoy having their private hideaway from the city’s hustle. Alongside historic buildings, you will see new modern apartments, nature parks, and many trendy spots to take photos or visit.

4. Oakville, Toronto

Oakville is targeted for its acclaimed restaurants, boutique shopping, outdoor recreation, and suburban properties with majestic views of Lake Ontario. There are many excellent private schools here, and its arts/culture scene is thriving. Oakville is a rich part of the province and is optimal for someone who wants to get out in their community to see what it offers.

5. Lytton Park, Whitby

Lytton Park has a lot to offer. Just minutes away from Whitby’s best urban amenities, Lytton Park elegantly sits inside a mix of natural surroundings and large properties in a lush, conservation-friendly location. You will find some gorgeous properties in Lytton Park, which is undoubtedly one of Durham’s best areas to find rich, luxurious, family-oriented homes.

6. Forest Hill South, Toronto

Another entry in Toronto, Forest Hill South, is home to Upper Canada College, one of the most expensive private schools in Canada. The average annual household income here is $640,000. Inside Forest Hill are some of Canada’s most acclaimed celebrities, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, and more. The majority of the homes in this rich neighbourhood were built in the 1930s and 1940s.

7. York Mills-Windfields, Toronto

York Mills-Windfields is located near Bridle Path and has been aptly titled ‘Millionaire’s Mile. Some of the wealthiest people in Canada have homes in York Mills-Windfields, with access to the Windfields Park and Canada Film Centre here, the Don Valley Golf Course, York Mills Shopping Centre, and more. The average annual household income in York Mills-Windfields is $870,000.

8. Sunnybrook, Toronto

Sunnybrook is found at the southern border of Bridle Path and is best known as the home to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, one of Canada’s top academic hospitals. It’s one of the more affordable rich neighbourhoods in Ontario, especially by Toronto’s standards, with an average household net worth of $22.7 million and an average annual household income of $290,000.

9. Riverside Hermitage, Durham

Outside the GTA, Durham offers many rich properties in neighbourhoods across the region. Riverside Hermitage is perhaps the most luxurious, with many three-bedroom and four-bedroom properties available. You get quiet, open spaces with many parklands and family amenities. It’s also a half-hour commute away from Toronto, so you have all the advantages of the city right at your fingertips.

10. Hoggs Hollow, Toronto

Hoggs Hollow is minutes from downtown Toronto, near the Don River Valley. Hoggs Hollow is a peaceful neighbourhood where sweeping streets with pine, fir, birch, and spruce trees spread throughout. Hoggs Hollow mirrors the charm of the English countryside, with the properties ranging in styles from Colonial Tudor Georgian to English cottage, almost all dating back to the pre-1960s.

11. Kleinberg, Vaughan

Kleinberg has an average home price of $3.1 million. Just 15 minutes north of Toronto, Kleinberg is a small community built around an appreciation of art and nature. A hilly landscape over the Humber River, it’s a fairly quiet area with lots of great properties. In the past few decades, more large homes have been built, and development has focused on large family-friendly properties.

12. Rockcliffe Park, Ottawa

Rockcliffe Park in Ottawa is one of the city’s most historic neighbourhoods. The abundant green natural setting and heritage architecture dating back to the 19th century make this unique. It is home to two private schools. No commercial activity exists in the neighbourhood. The average price for a home in Rockcliffe Park is nearly four times above the average for the City of Ottawa.

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