Anyone looking to travel internationally is best served visiting a country you can count on for amazing weather, a healthy climate, and an easy vacation. There are some truly beautiful areas all over the world, but weather can be unpredictable.

Even though there aren’t any guarantees, certain countries are rated as having the most consistent, best weather in the world. Below are thirteen countries with the best weather in the world:

1. Malta

Malta has a lot of good weather to admire as a visitor. The country is one of the top places internationally to work and for travelers, it’s a getaway onto itself. Malta’s a country deeply appreciated from those who’ve been. It’s not the type of destination you want to miss out on. Days in Malta are so absolutely gorgeous, making it one of the countries with the best weather around the world!

2. France

Summer in France is unlike anywhere else in the world. Temperatures sit in that perfect hot spot between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius, appropriately mild and comfortable. The winters can however be very cold. If you don’t mind snow though, you’ll be ok. France is a European-influenced Mediterranean climate well worth a visit.

3. South Africa

South Africa has some of the world’s most beautiful weather but unfortunately this is the most unsafe country on this list, without hesitation. Analyzing personal safety for travelers in regions all over the world, South Africa ranks low which admittedly is so disappointing as its weather and climate are perfect.

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica always receives high rank when discussing countries to travel to, especially when it comes to countries with the best weather. Many expats move to the country post-retirement or to get away from the hustle and bustle of domestic living. Weather and climate are a huge reason why. Costa Rica maintains a strong quality of life and has all the adventure modern-day explorers could want.

5. Uganda

Like South Africa, Uganda is another country that boasts some of the sunniest weather and adventure-friendly climates in the world, but political instability means it’s not the sort of country many will aspire to travel to. Personal safety is a huge concern in Uganda, in addition to the lack of public transportation, infrastructure, and lacking medical care.

6. Greece

Greece is widely considered to be Europe’s most beautiful country with some of the greatest weather on the continent. The sun is out in Greece on 99% of days year-round, according to a recent analysis. This means travelers can schedule any number of leisure activities and more or less count on not having your day rained out.

7. Panama

Panama has great weather though you won’t find it with sizzling temperatures a lot of the time. Temperatures usually settle into about 88 degrees Fahrenheit and stick there. In some parts of Panama, it can get colder. Bring a sweater or jacket for travelers looking to explore Panama. Although beautiful and sunny, the coolness of the region may turn off some.

8. Cyprus

Cyprus is an island country that many people don’t even know exists. If you travel internationally though, you may have come across the name. Cyprus is sunny, personal safety is easily maintained, and the area attracts many expats for all these reasons. It’s a very social country which also makes it a comfortable place to visit, live, and work.

9. Mexico

Just a little south of the United States, Mexico may get a bad rap and deservingly so for its treatment of crime however when we’re talking weather and climate, it along with its neighbors boast high marks.

Mexico is also a very stable region with a growing economy and a population that many travelers comment are excessively friendly. If you haven’t been to Central America before, Mexico’s an excellent place to start your exploration.

10. Spain

If you’re a traveler seeking a little sun in the summer, you can’t go wrong the combination of weather and climate in Spain. The Mediterranean climate is loved by tourists and locals alike. There’s no shortage of leisure activities allowing you to get to know the country a bit better as well. Spain’s a must-visit if you are a traveller seeking countries with the best weather.

11. Peru

Peru has a little something for everybody, with tropical temperatures perfect for a day on the beach to humid rainforests very welcoming to travelers who want to get out from the usual tourist traps. Peru’s a very beautiful country overall, with consistent weather and climate to enjoy. In its north and south, there are all sorts of destinations to explore under the summer sun.

12. New Zealand

New Zealand has diverse weather and climate, with a little bit of something for everyone. It’s where The Lord of the Rings were filmed, in part because of the reliable climate. Residents themselves are warm and tropical in the north which is a more popular travel destination than New Zealand’s south.

13. Portugal

Portugal is another country with a fine pattern of weather, comfortable climate, and is ranked high in how welcoming its population is. In terms of quality of life, Portugal’s highly ranked which may be in part why so many travelers love coming here. They can always rely on Portugal to over-deliver on their travel experience, as long as the sun keeps shining and the temperature’s warm.

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