The most in-demand apartment features are those that attract looks, offers, and tenants. Apartment complexes in hot markets don’t have to do a lot to secure tenancy agreements, however, in certain neighborhoods and cities it can be a bit more of a struggle.

Amenities, features, and layout matter a lot regardless of where your apartments for rent are located in Calgary or anywhere else. Here are the best apartment features as selected by those searching for apartment rentals in Canada:

1. Furnished apartment features

A furnished apartment can charge a bit more in rent and is a major attractant to renters who need something fast, easy, and in a prime location. If an apartment is targeting business professionals or luxury apartment renters, furnishing it is a highly sought-after feature.

2. Apartment security features

Having a tight and strict security is one of the most important apartment features. In an era of porch pirates and plenty of people looking to make a quick buck breaking in and taking things out of unlocked homes, security is key in any sort of living arrangement like this.

Clustered units together with lots of people living side by side and on top of one another necessitates some form of security, whether that’s cameras or on-site staff.

3. Private outdoor area

A private outdoor space, such as a balcony or deck, is a major apartment feature. It makes an apartment feel more spacious and adds a sense of luxury.

It doesn’t have to be a large outdoor area, either. Even a tiny balcony can be a nice place to overlook the city and gather one’s thoughts after a long day.

4. Open-concept apartment living

Old-fashioned apartments are very boxed in. Newer apartment units are open-concept, providing more flow to a layout and giving you, the renter, more opportunity to customize an area according to your likes and dislikes.

5. Air conditioning conditioning

Modern units built within the last 5-10 years all have AC built in, however, older apartments unfortunately don’t. This is a significant disadvantage to a lot of renters, particularly seniors and anyone suffering from respiratory conditions. Summer can get hot, hot, hot and when it does, a little bit of AC goes a long way.

6. Pet-friendly features

In some areas, an apartment complex or unit is allowed to say ‘no pets’. Then, in other areas, they’re not allowed to say that. A pet-friendly unit is generally welcoming to families, seniors, and pet owners, although the risk is higher for a renter. If a pet damages the apartment, you’re understandably covering the cost.

7. In-unit washer & dryer features

A lot of apartments do not have their own washer and dryer. Those that do offer a major advantage. This means you don’t need to head down to a common area or a laundromat to wash your clothes. In cities small and large, a washer and dryer are a major asset in any apartment.

8. Optimized kitchen area

Apartments are unlikely to have extremely large kitchens. A renter doesn’t expect a massive kitchen but what they do expect is a space that has been intelligently designed. Maximize available area. Have a hard look at whether a kitchen offers the most it can.

9. Bathroom style

Just like the kitchen is a very important area in any apartment, so can be the bathroom. The faucets and fixtures down to the tile and style of bathtub or shower matter a lot. An apartment bathroom can range from the simple and paired down to something far more luxurious. It’s a feature a lot of renters look at when searching apartments for rent.

10. Multiple apartment floors

Some of the more luxurious apartment rentals are two-tier units. This means there’s an upstairs and a downstairs. This can help create more privacy between roommates or family and reduce the noise transferred from one floor to the next.

11. Apartment parking space

In major cities, parking spaces aren’t always included with an apartment rental. This means an additional expense on top of everything else you’re already going to be paying monthly. In a perfect world, if you have a car, a renter’s looking for a parking space included in the rent and relatively close to their unit as well.

12. Closet space

Closets are underrated. They’re like having a little storage unit right in your apartment. A few closets provides you some natural space to put things that don’t have to be out all the time or with no other place to put them.

13. Natural light

Once you’ve lived in a basement or have been caught in a unit in a high-rise condo that’s unintentionally blocked by another building, one doesn’t realize the true value of having access to direct sunlight. Floor-to-ceiling windows or having a relatively large front/back window significantly increases the appeal of an apartment space.

14. Apartment utilities included

Last but not least are the inclusion of utilities in the rent. Heat, electricity, gas, and more easily add up to $100s every month. The inclusion of utilities in the rent can drive down the cost of an apartment, making it more affordable and offer less variance in living expenses month to month.

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