Restaurant cleaning is part and parcel of successful kitchen management. Diverse periodic cleaning checklists range from daily, weekly, monthly or annual. Daily cleaning involves cleaning frequently used items such as tabletops, floors, appliances and utensils.

A weekly kitchen cleaning checklist involves items that require more effort and time to clean than the daily kitchen cleaning checklist. Monthly and annual cleaning checklists deal with deep cleaning and sanitization.

Follow this 20-step restaurant kitchen cleaning checklist to keep your establishment safe, hygienic, and sanitary:

Daily Tasks in Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

1. Cleaning Food Preparation Surfaces

One of the most important tasks in any restaurant kitchen cleaning checklist is sanitizing all surfaces. This involves cleaning, disinfecting, and drying all food preparation surfaces and tabletops. It is best done multiple times a day after each food preparation.

2. Wipe Cooking Appliances

All of your kitchen equipment and cooking appliances need to be cleaned regularly. Use a sponge and soapy water to clean unavoidable splashes and spills on appliances and kitchen fixtures. Wipe down all cooking appliances, including the fryer, grill, range and flattop. Remember to clean the greasy spots and edges.

2. Cleaning the Grills and Replace the Foil Linings

Replace worn out foil linings on grills, griddles and ranges after a busy working day. As the food is left to warm on foil-lined grills, bits of foil attach themselves to the grill. These need to be cleaned out regularly before applying new foils.

4. Wash the Meat Slicers and Can Openers

Daily washing of these appliances prevents fat and grease buildup. Besides, it also keeps them in mint condition, ready for the next use.

5. Clean and Dry All Beverage Dispenser Heads

Dispenser heads are notorious for attracting germs if they are not cleaned regularly. When cleaning these appliances, make sure the heads are attended to as well.

6. Wipe Away Wall Splashes

This is a daily task that should be done promptly whenever a splash occurs. If left to dry, splashes are difficult to remove.

7. Clean the Dishwasher

Make sure the hood filters are clean. For the dishwasher to function effectively, have it cleaned daily. To clean them, place the hood filters on your dishwasher’s top rack.

8. Cleaning Floors

Wipe and disinfect spills on the kitchen floor as soon as they appear. Dirty floors are slippery and, therefore, a safety risk. Although keeping a busy kitchen restaurant floor clean can be an uphill task, the entire floor should be mopped at the end of the day.

9. Safely Dispose of Waste

All waste material should be disposed of at the end of the day. Make sure to disinfect the disposal area to keep away pests and harmful bacteria. After disposing of waste, thoroughly clean and dry the waste bin.

Weekly Tasks in Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

1. Clean the Floor Drains

This is a weekly task to rid your floor drains of plumbing blockages. Use drain cleaners to clear the drains so they can function effectively.

2. Clean the Oven

This involves cleaning the sides, racks and walls using vinegar and baking soda. Before cleaning the different areas of the oven, remove all movable parts such as the racks, and the thermometer.

3. De-lime Faucets and Sinks

It is essential to de-lime your faucets and sinks weekly to deter lime from forming and eventually damaging these critical restaurant kitchen appliances.

4. Sanitize and Clean All Walk-ins

This weekly task ensures your restaurant kitchen environment is not only clean but bacteria-free as well.

Monthly Tasks in Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

1. Clean the Grease Traps

Grease accumulation does not happen overnight. You do not have to clean the grease traps daily or even weekly. Instead, have the grease traps emptied and cleaned once a month by a professional.

2. Clean and Sanitize Deep Freezers

Ideally, you should empty and wash off dirt and stains from the deep freezer once a month. Once clean, sanitize the freezer before reusing it.

3. Dust Refrigerator Coils

Dust the refrigerator coils to improve their efficiency. This exercise is critical in a restaurant kitchen.

4. Clean Floors, Walls and Ceilings

While the floors must be cleaned daily, they should also be cleaned together with the walls and ceilings monthly. Do not be deceived by their appearance. With time, walls and ceilings accumulate dirt and grease and should be cleaned once a month.

5. Microwaves and Coffee Machines

Despite keeping these appliances clean every day, once a month, give them a thorough clean up. Doing so not only keeps them functioning effectively, but also prolongs their lifespan.

Annual Tasks in Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

1. Clean Vent Hood

Once a year, clean the vent hood. This improves the quality of air and its circulation in the kitchen.

2. Wash the Ice Machine

Ice machines hardly get dirty. However, this fact does not negate the need to clean them. Cleaning them once a year is adequate.

A cleaning checklist is extremely handy if you want your restaurant kitchen to be a germ-free environment. Most cleaning tasks are carried out daily. However, there are others you must do weekly, monthly, or yearly. With most people worried about contracting COVID-19, your restaurant kitchen must be a sanitized, clean space they can trust.

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