Are You Going to Eat That?

You’re searching for your favourite snack, but instead, you find some forgotten food. Want to put that food to good use? Here are a few suggestions while you’re deciding whether you’ll eat that or not:

Peanut butter is actually a useful glue remover. Stubborn price tag? Try putting peanut butter on the tag and then gently rubbing it off with a cloth. It can also be used to remove gum from leather, though you should test the peanut butter first on a less visible spot first.


Lemon is a popular scent for dishwashing detergents, but did you know that you could actually use lemon juice to clean dishes, too? Lemon juice is also useful for keeping clothes white in the laundry, or for removing rust or mineral stains from clothing. You can even use lemon juice to polish brass, copper and stainless steel. And the best part about using lemon is that it leaves everything with a fresh, citrusy smell.

Eggs have three parts: the yolk, the white and the shell. It’s possible to whip two egg yolks to use as a deep conditioner for hair that leaves it shiny once its rinsed and shampooed out. The whites make for excellent stain removers when whipped, especially for gum stuck to clothing. The eggshells can be crumbled into the soil of potted plants or compost to help fertilize it.

Got milk? Small cracks in china dishes, cups or other items can be mended by simply placing them in a pot of milk and letting it simmer for 45 minutes. Most of those small cracks will disappear! Powdered milk also helps relieve sunburned and bug-bitten skin and can help soothe burning tongues and mouths after eating spicy food.

Cola is very acidic, which makes it a fantastic solvent and cleaner. You can use it to remove oil stains from driveways or even clean car tires. If you boil cola in a burnt pan with stuck-on black residue, it lifts the gunk without any trouble. Cola can also be used to clean toilets and unclog drains—it’s that powerful. Makes you rethink what you want to drink with your pizza and chips, right?


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