Creepiest Mascots of All Time

10. Quiznos Rat
Okay, not sure what this is even supposed to be (A mouse? A rat? A mourat?), but it’s mildly disturbing to see a rodent advertising sandwiches.


09. Peppi Roni
Obscure Panda-type creature who was the mascot for The Pizza Planet. In Buffalo. In the 1980s. YouTube him at your own peril!


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08. The King
If the plan was to scare you away from wanting to dine at Burger King, the creator of The King was a genius.


07. Youppi
Started out as the mascot for the Montreal Expos, but was ditched when the team moved to Washington. Whatever he is, he will now be the mascot for the Montreal Canadiens.


06. Kinder Surprise Egghead
The Kinder Surprise Egghead was so traumatizing to kids in the UK that the TV commercials he starred in were pulled off the air. He now lives on in infamy on YouTube.


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05. Mr. Clean
The happy-go-lucky skinhead with an earring has been referred to over the years as a sailor and a genie, but to us, he’s just a scary man.


04. Jolly Green Giant
All he ever said was “Ho-ho-ho” and his name, making him the most elusive creepy mascot on this list.


03. Bonhomme
The ambassador for the Quebec Winter Carnival, Bonhomme is supposed to be a snowman, but to us, his slight resemblance to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from GHOSTBUSTERS is too hard to ignore.


02. Ronald McDonald
Creepy clown alert! Although he’s been quiet since the whole “I’m lovin’ it” stuff started a few years back, Ronald still has the ability to freak out McDonalds attendees of all ages, although we do admire him for his charity work.


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01. Blinky
Blinky was the police car used by the Metropolitan Toronto Police to teach young people about road safety. As you can see, he sported a big set of eyes (one of which blinked) and a nose, which were unsettling to say the least. Last we heard, Blinky had been retired to the great junkyard in the sky because it was too frightening for many children