Wacky Laws!

By Kathy Murray

Every country, every culture, has its own set of laws. Most should be simple enough to follow: Don't steal, don't drive past the speed limit, and so on. But there are some laws that are simply headscratchers. Who approved the following laws? Some of them might make sense, but the fact that they were thought up in the first place means someone probably tried them once. For the record, most of these laws are outdated and no longer are enforced (although they will be listed as if in the present), but remember: At one point, they were just as important as any other law.

In the UNITED KINGDOM, hanging a bed out of a window is illegal.

In MARYLAND, you can't take a lion to the movies.

In SINGAPORE, it's against the law to go to the bathroom in an elevator.

In TEXAS, you're not supposed to sell your eyes.

In OREGON, you will be arrested if you walk backwards on a street while eating a donut.

It is against the law to flush your toilet after 10 at night in SWITZERLAND.

You can't have a gorilla in the backseat of your car in MASSACHUSETTS (but no one said anything about the front seat!).

If you live in KANSAS, then you can forget hitting that vending machine that ate your money. Yup, it's illegal!

No pillow fights in GERMANY! That's because if you hit someone with a pillow, you'll be charged with using a weapon.

Silly string is illegal to have in parts of CONNECTICUT. Boo!

In NEW HAMPSHIRE, it's against the law to pick up litter from the beach unless you have a permit.