Wii Games and System Go Down in Price

Down in price, up in fun! With the buzz buzzing around the Xbox 360’s KINECT, it sounds like Nintendo is snapping back with the “our product is just as good and now slightly cheaper” approach. We’re not complaining…but those who stood in a lineup for hours and paid full price when the Wii first launched probably are.

The Nintendo Wii is now $149.99, $50 cheaper than it was before. Also, after May 15th the system will be available in both black AND white. However, WII SPORTS and WII SPORTS RESORT have been cut from the freebie games, replaced with MARIO KART WII and the WII WHEEL accessory. SPORTS will now be available as part of the “Nintendo Selects” collection for $20. Other games in $20 collection include ANIMAL CROSSING, TWILIGHT PRINCESS, and LEGEND OF ZELDA.

All of this comes with the announcement that Nintendo will be releasing a new gaming console in 2012 known only under its codename “Project Café” (code names are super fun). Some unofficial details about the upcoming “Project Café”: it will allegedly have no remotes and a tablet-sized touch screen.

This leaves those with no gaming console to ponder our options: but the cheap current Wii product, hold out for the fancy and expensive new Wii product, or play real sports and activities outdoors like a caveman. Then you have to choose between white and black. When did gaming get so complicated?