Stay Entertained on a Rainy Day

For ever beautiful, sunny, warm day we get, there’s about two thousand (not exactly) rainy days to match it. Here’s a fast guide to kick boredom while trapped inside:

1. Play with Your Pet
Pets are more hilarious than we give them credit for. Dress up your kitty or puppy, and if your animal looks especially hysterical, take a picture. Or, jump on the new bandwagon and dub your voice into your pets. Send all your funny pet stuff to email hidden; JavaScript is required and you could get it featured in The Magazine or on!

2. Bake Something
Pull out your mom’s cookbook and see what tasty food you can come up with! For inspiration on what ingredients to keep an eye out for, check this out.
*Remember, you should never bake or cook without an adult around.


3. Do the Michelle Obama/ Beyonce “Lets Move” Flash Workout

please install flash


4. Write or Draw Something
We recommend writing random lists (such as this one) or drawing anything that comes to mind. When you’re done, contribute them and get published in The Magazine or on!