Apple Releases New Mac Book Air, New OS X

By Alice Gauntley

It’s been a busy week at Apple.  Yesterday, CEO Steve Jobs unveiled their new operating system, OS X Lion.  Today, the new Mac Book Air, Apple’s ultra-thin laptop, was released.

The OS X Lion will be available on all new Apple computers, including the new-and-improved Air.  It can also be purchased from the Apple app store for anyone wishing to upgrade the machines they already own.  Lion boasts more than 250 features not available on previous versions of OS X.

The Mac Book Air is now available in smaller 11-inch and 13-inch models, and features a backlit keypad just like the more expensive Mac Book Pro.  The 11-inch Air is now Apple’s cheapest laptop, since Apple discontinued its plastic White Mac Book line yesterday.

The Air also has faster processors, more RAM, and a higher-quality screen.  The additional features do, however, add a bit more bulk to the lightweight notebook: it’s eleven-tenths of an ounce heavier than the older model.