New rollercoaster coming to Canada’s Wonderland

As of May 2012, Canada’s Wonderland will be the home of the 5th largest rollercoaster in the world!

The Leviathan is the amusement parks upcoming scream-machine, set to boast a record breaking height of 93 meters. It’ll also have an approx. 80° drop, and it will reach top speed of 148km/h. The ride will only be about 3 and half minutes, but that’s what Canada’s Wonderland is all about: waiting forever in line for 3 and half minutes of awesomeness. It’s not like Canada’s Wonderland is all about the old timey photo’s and funnel cakes (though, they are a large factor).

On the Leviathan blog, VP Marketing and Sales Dave Phillips wrote, “It was only a few years ago when we were launching Behemoth, the biggest, fastest and tallest roller coaster in Canada and now Leviathan is getting ready to smash all those records!” So there you have it, it’ll be a bit better than the Behemoth.

For updates, pictures, and more through detail of what the Leviathan will look like, check the website and watch the video below!