WRITE NOW: The First Day of School

The First Day of School
By: Cassandra, 14, AB

I walk through the doors
My heart almost stops
First day of school
My jaw begins to drop

Everything looks the same
Yet different somehow
Look for my friends, can't see them
I'm getting kind of nervous now

People push past me
Rushing to their class
I don't know where to go
Kids continue to pass

Calm down, don't fret
Smooth clothes, take breath
You've done this before
Why are you such a mess?

Suddenly I see
Out of the corner of my eye
Someone I know
I'm feeling a lot less shy

I go over, say "hi
How's your summer been?"
They smile, reply
"Great," with a grin

We go find our friends
Go find our class
And as we talk and laugh, I think
This year is gonna be a blast!

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