How many more “teen drama” plots can these writers come up with? More than we thought possible. In DEGRASSI: SEASON 10, PART 1, there was the award-winning episode about Adam, the transgender teen, so really the “teen angst” possibilities are endless.

DEGRASSI: SEASON 10, PART 2 is out today and it features the last 22 episodes of the season, all with extended directors cuts. And while the full Season 10 DVD box set will be coming out on October 18th, we’re sure that die-hard fans will be excited about this one (since we’re assuming they already got PART 1 thinking there wasn’t going to be a full set).

SEASON 10, PART 2 highlights include:
- Anya getting a hilarious crush on her mom’s doctor
- Jenna trying to cope with pregnancy
- More “two-part” episodes than we thought possible
- Dave shooting a taser at Wesley
- More ridiculous events packed into a season finale than we thought possible*

*Note: we’re fully aware that we used “more than we thought possible” as a description multiple times in this article.