Interview with LIFE WITH BOYS' Madison Pettis!

(Courtesy of YTV/Corus Entertainment)

How would you describe your character on LIFE WITH BOYS?
Allie is a complete girly girl! She is obsessed with fashion, makeup, cheerleading and of course… boys! Since Tess is pretty much the opposite, they help balance each other out.

What are the major similarities or differences between you and Allie?
Allie and I are definitely both girly girls. She is just a little more over-the-top with it than I am. I love fashion too, but in my real life I don’t wear quite as many sequins and rhinestones as Allie does. We are also both very loyal to our friends. I’m also more focused on school than Allie is—I make straight As—Allie, not so much.

What has your favourite on-set moment been so far?
My favourite on-set moment was the food fight scene with Torri Webster in the episode “In the Principal’s Office with Boys!” It was SO much fun!  It was really gross with the salad dressing dripping down our hair and food stuck to our clothes, but it was hilarious and a blast to do!  After we were done, we both hugged each other and said, “Sorry! I would never do that to you!”

What scenes or episodes are you most excited for people to see?
I am most excited for people to see “In the Principal’s Office with Boys” and “Trouble with Boys.” Those are my two favorite episodes! “In the Principal’s Office” was really fun because so many crazy things happen in that episode! Tess tries to do cheerleading, Allie tries her style of camping (imagine that!) and of course, the food fight! “Trouble with Boys” is my other favourite! In that episode, Allie and Tess both fall for the same guy and the way they deal with it has a big affect on their friendship.

What's something about making the show that people would be surprised to know?
We don’t have a lot of rehearsal time, so we have to come to set really prepared. We actually do an entire episode in just 3 days! We only have one rehearsal day to go through everything, and then actually film the episode in 2 days! It’s a really fast pace, especially when you add in doing school on set, too!

You’ve starred in lots of movies and TV shows. What makes LIFE WITH BOYS different from any other filming experience?
The biggest difference for me was I moved to Toronto for 5 months to film the show!  That’s the longest I’ve ever worked away from home before. I’m the only one on the show who’s not from Canada. I actually live in Los Angeles. So, my mom and I lived in an apartment in Toronto while I worked on the show. I had a great time exploring the city and I became really close friends with everyone on the show, so it was great!  I’m also officially addicted to Tim Hortons now.

Who would you love to work with?
I’m really lucky to have already gotten to the chance to work with such awesome stars like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Will Smith, Miley Cyrus and more. I would love to work with Sandra Bullock someday. Although… Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson wouldn’t be bad either.

What are some of your all time favourite shows?
Some of my favourite shows right now are MODERN FAMILY, PARENTHOOD and CRIMINAL MINDS.

What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given to you?
To just be yourself. You need to have confidence in yourself. And you should surround yourself with positive people who love you for you, and not change for anyone!

Thank you Madison Pettis! Catch LIFE WITH BOYS on Fridays at 6:30 p.m. on YTV.


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