Schools we're glad we never went to

10. William McKinley High School- GLEE
Yes, between the cheerful dance numbers and motivational friendship stories, McKinley High comes across as a pretty happy place. Let’s be serious though: we wouldn’t want to be in any school where someone like Sue Sylvester is always out to get us.


9. Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry – HARRY POTTER SERIES
Learning spells and potions in an exclusive, muggle-free environment may seem like fun, but we’re not sure we could put up with the various monsters that roam the castle and grounds.


8. Beacon Town High School – TEEN WOLF (1985)
If this school has taught us anything, it’s that you have to become a werewolf and be good at basketball to be accepted by your peers. Talk about high standards!



7. Westmore Middle School – DIARY OF A WIMPY KID
What’s a guy have to do to be cool here? Poor Greg has done just about everything not to be an outcast. Then again, with a brother like Rodrick and a best friend like Rowley, it’s probably not the school’s fault.


6. Shermer High School – THE BREAKFAST CLUB
It’s one thing to be sent to school on a Saturday for detention, but it’s a whole other thing to have a principal like Mr. Vernon breathing down your neck the entire time. Also, the janitor is always listening in on your conversations. Next please!


5.  Mrs. Puff’s Boating School – SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS
This school only has one subject, but the boating classes taught by Mrs. Puff are so boring that it just about equals a legitimate school.


4. Dreary Meadows School – JACOB TWO-TWO
Between the bullies, the gluttonous Principal Greedyguts, the thieving Janitor Leo and the scowling teacher Miss Sour Pickle, the worst day of summer is still better than the best day of school here.


3. Crunchem Hall Elementary School – MATILDA (1996)
Any school that’s run by a principal like Miss Trunchbull, a former Olympic javelin and shot-put competitor, is likely to be a little frightening. Not even Matilda’s psychokinetic powers could save her from the Chokey.


2. Dimmsdale Elementary School – FAIRLY ODD PARENTS
The cafeteria serves gruel, popular kids get special treatment and a whack job like Mr. Crocker could potentially be your teacher. It’s no wonder Timmy needs fairy godparents to make it through most of his studies.


1. Springfield Elementary – THE SIMPSONS
Imagine a day at Springfield Elementary: the nurse and the lunch lady are the same person, a cinderblock once replaced the school’s tether ball and prison inmates lived in the cloakrooms. And sorry Edna K, we would rather not be taught by you.