JP Arencibia and Damon Allen play the new KINECT SPORTS: SEASON TWO

Rare and Big Park Games
: Microsoft Studios
: Kinect for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system

“KINECT SPORTS one was a bestselling game… there are a lot of fans of the original game, so there’s no better time to come out with a sequel,” said Jeff Rivait, Product Manager for XBOX at the launch of KINECT SPORTS: SEASON TWO. Rivait, along with Toronto Blue Jays’ catcher JP Arencibia and CFL Hall of Fame inductee, Damon Allen were all celebrating today’s release of the highly anticipated game at the XBOX hub downtown last night!

SEASON TWO has all the interactive fun found in the first game, BUT they’ve added six new sports: golf, darts, baseball, skiing, tennis, and American football. There’s also the new voice control feature, which contains over 300 voice commands. “[You’re] able to interact with it through your voice to do things like change your golf club, take practice swings. You can also do simple things with your hands. Like in golf, if you want to take a look down the golf course all you have to do is put your hands up to your eyes to initiate that for you”, Rivait continues.

“It’s tough to emulate any real game speed on a video game, but [in the game] you’ve got to swing, you’ve got to throw, you run in place, all of those things that you have to do in the real game,” commented Arencibia after playing the baseball game on the system against Damon Allen. “It’s obviously a little different than in the real game, but it’s amazingly advanced for a video game…. I like that you’re actually in the game, you’re doing stuff and moving around, you’re not just sitting on your couch. I’m a big golfer, I like to golf from time to time, and [the game] is almost as real as it can get.”

Damon Allen pointed out how much he enjoys the natural nature of the game, saying, “It’s considerably different than when you’re using your hands and thumbs to swing, but if you’re using your body it makes it a lot easier. It responds to your movement. I don’t think there’s any challenging game here, they make it very easy.” But the CFL Hall of Famer told us one of his weak points: “I’ve always had trouble playing the controller games because my hands couldn’t move as fast as I would like them to, my brain moves faster, so here, moving, I love it. If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

KINECT SPORTS: SEASON TWO is now available! For other stuff on the XBOX Kinect system, click here!