Who would you rather play Disney video games with: ZEKE or LUTHER?

Recently, XBOX 360 released the exciting DISNEY UNIVERSE to the world! To celebrate, there was a massive launch at the XBOX Hub downtown Toronto, also incorporating the release of their upcoming game for XBOX Kinect, DISNEYLAND ADVENTURES. Hutch Dano and Adam Hicks from ZEKE AND LUTHER stopped by to meet and greet with fans, sign autographs, and play the games!

After playing DISNEY UNIVERSE for a bit, Hutch stated, “We’ve got this little challenge going on where who can actually do the objective while the other person tries to throw them off the cliff.”

But according to Spencer Low, the Producer of DISNEY UNIVERSE for Disney Media Interactive Group UK, “Hutch is the most difficult person to play with because he will pretend to be working with you, and then he’ll be like “why don’t you pick up that objective and I’ll wait here”… then as you go up to leave he’ll make you fall down the cliff. And he’ll laugh maniacally right after, so he’s not the best team player. Adam is a really, really friendly person, he’s always trying to help you, but you’ve got to be careful of Hutch.”

DISNEY UNIVERSE is the first game where the player is completely mashed within the worlds and characters of their favourite Disney films. “Suit up as your favourite Disney character in the Disney world and re-live some of the key moments. Low continues, “We’ve got 45 different characters and we’ve got 6 different worlds…you can have Stitch, Nemo, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck all together in a group and they’re playing in the Aladdin world.”

When we asked Adam and Hutch who their favourite characters were to play, Hutch’s is Blackbeard from PIRATES: ON STRANGER TIDES, while Adam’s is Pumbaa from THE LION KING.

“It’s really simple to play, it’s designed for anyone who can pick up the pad, whether you’re 7 years old or 100 years old. The controls are so easy that everyone feels like they have a level playing field,” continued Low.

While that game is easy as pie with the controllers, the other game, DISNEYLAND ADVENTURES, requires no controllers at all on the XBOX Kinect system! “With this game, it’s basically your ticket into the Disneyland Park,” said Jeff Rivait, Product Manager for XBOX, “There are about 20 main attractions that are brought to life and re-imagined using the actors as part of the game play… When you look at the park, it’s completely accurate to what you would expect in the real world!”

“DISNEYLAND ADVENTURES is pretty cool, you get to walk around the entire park… fly with Peter Pan, fight Captain Hook, throw snowballs at Yeti, it’s just really cool,” continued Hutch. Thankfully with DISNEYLAND ADVENTURES, there are no opportunities to throw anyone off a cliff (that’s a note to you, Hutch!).

DISNEY UNIVERSE is now out for XBOX 360, and DISNEYLAND ADVENTURES for the XBOX Kinect system will be out Nov. 15th!

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