Earlier this November, Harry Potter’s cast and crew descended on The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando to celebrate the Blu-ray/DVD release of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS – PART 2. While it was a happy reunion for director David Yates, producers David Heyman and David Barron, and the cast, which included Rupert Grint, Evanna Lynch, Warwick Davis, Jason Isaacs and Mark Williams, there were other mixed emotions and thoughts about the end. During two press conferences, the cast and crew had this to say on:

How they felt about this being the end of Potter:
David Yates:
“It’s hard to really get an angle on it; we’re so close to it…. It feels a little surreal at this point. I think we’ll always be grateful for the experience.”
Warwick Davis:
“The thing that might be sad is not seeing everybody so often. We’re all used to going to work and hanging out…. I think overriding all of that is a sense of pride and achievement.”

The last day of shooting:
Rupert Grint:
“That day was really quite emotional actually…. I remember packing up my dressing room and all the toys that I had brought when I was 11. I had this robotic tortoise…. It was a really sad moment. But we had a good last day. We had an ice cream van and served ice cream."

The kiss that they had to get right for the fans:
David Yates:
“One of the scenes I’m proudest of, which I adore, is the kiss between Ron and Hermione. Just because of its charm, and again the series had carried that relationship for such a long time, and it was important to get that moment right. And I still remember the scene very fondly with Rupert and Emma. It was a delicate scene to get right, because Rupert and Emma know each other really, really well.”
Rupert Grint: “It seemed like the most unnatural thing to be doing!”         

One of the most challenging scenes to film in DEATHLY HALLOWS – PART 2:
David Yates:
“There’s a scene in Gringotts Bank when they’re in the vault, trying to recover the cup and it was a nightmare. We had a set, which was very claustrophobic, with hydraulic walls and a hydraulic floor. And it was just really tricky. And of course [Rupert, Emma, Dan and Warwick] were soaking wet. They were freezing cold, they were in a hydraulic set that was moving and shifting and it took us two weeks.”

Souvenirs they took from the movie:
Rupert Grint: “
I got the Deluminator on the last day, which was really special. There was one other thing I did take. It was the number on Harry’s door on Privet Drive…. It was hard to get off."
Warwick Davis: “
My daughter was given the Gringotts galleon on the first film. And I don’t know how I wound up with [this]: I have a packet of sugar from the Ministry of Magic coffee stand and it’s got real sugar in it and everything…. It must have fallen off and landed in my pocket somehow. We don’t have our wands though and I have dropped this hint a number of times now and it hasn’t materialized yet.”
David Barron: “
The only person who really got a wand was oddly, Ollivander. He asked for his, we said no and he stole it!”
David Yates: “I got a wand actually. It wasn’t actually in the movies, but Stuart Craig and the art department made me one as a gift.”

The most important thing their characters have taught them:
Rupert Grint: “I feel like we’ve kind of merged into the same person in a weird way. I guess Ron was always quite loyal and a good friend.”
Warwick Davis: “Keep away from glue and prosthetics probably. It’s been amazing. I’m obviously far too good-looking for these films, because they always want to stick rubber and stuff on my face.”
Stanislav Ianevski:
“Viktor [Krum] wasn’t very talkative. That’s probably one of the reasons he kind of lost Hermione, so what I took away is that you have to be more outgoing in talking to girls in order to succeed.”

Stay tuned for part 2 of the press conference and be sure to check out our interviews with some of the cast below!

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