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(Continued from Part 1) The cast and crew of Harry Potter chat about:

The release of the Blu-ray/DVD being more exciting than the release of the film:
Jason Isaacs: “Not only do we get to hang out, but there’s a whole bunch of stuff on the DVD that we get to participate in…. Those of us who tend to star in the deleted scenes quite often for some reason, we quite like the release of the DVD…”
David Heyman:
“And then you’ll understand why they’ve been deleted!”

Being a positive role model for young women:
Evanna Lynch:
“I never really expected people would see me as [Luna] and see me as an inspiration through her. I hear often how Luna helped [people] through things like bullying… because Luna is bullied, but it doesn’t affect her…. She never compromises her personality for that, because she sees how they’re just insecure and how it’s just a reflection on them. And often when you’re young and there’s all this pressure around you, you can’t detach yourself to see it that way. So, I just think she’s such an inspiration that way, and it’s been amazing to hear…. It also inspires me to be better.”

What they’ll take away from the experience of making the movies:
David Heyman: “
To put it really simply, I feel privileged. I have been fortunate working for the last 12 years with the greatest people in the entertainment industry… in an environment filled with pride with no ego… where we all grew together into a family…. And I think for me the hardest part of Harry Potter being over is that the family has gone its separate ways… which is great, and what’s really exciting is that we all move on and embrace new challenges, but those 12 years… were absolutely fantastic."
Jason Isaacs: “There are the young actors… for whom it’s been an amazing experience, but those of us who have some perspective on it, who worked before… I think I understand more than them what an anomaly this is, like David said, that there will never be in my working life an experience like this…. I would pinch myself, look around, and see this cast of people I would queue in pouring rain to watch read the phone book…. It’s odd when [fans] come up and go, ‘I’m Harry Potter’s biggest fan.’ No, the biggest fans of Harry Potter that I’ve ever met are at this table and the table [at the press conference] before.
Evanna Lynch: “I think gratitude is a big thing I’ll take away from it, because I had such a unique perspective coming on the film, coming from the fan world. And I feel so grateful that they let me, because so many of us fans are crazy…. Last night, I was watching TV and CHAMBER OF SECRETS came on and that fan instinct in me goes, ‘Oh, it’s Harry Potter, I have to watch it.’ It’s so great to look at these films and say that I was a small part of that.”

Their hopes going into the Oscar race with HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS – PART 2:
David Yates: “
Warner [Bros.] is mounting a campaign for us and we’re going to do our level best to push the film forward for that kind of recognition. But equally, we’re veterans of all of that. The reward for us is that we’ve made a film we’re very proud of, the fans seem to love it…. The film’s going to be there forever. Personally, I would love to see David Heyman, David Barron and Jo [Rowling] get a nomination for Best Film.”

The possibility of going back and expanding the Harry Potter movies:
David Yates: “
There aren’t many sequences or scenes that we’ve omitted that would be worth reinstating. In terms of 3-D conversion for future release, I’m sure that’s probably going to be on the cards at some point. And I think it would be wonderful to explore maybe when the technology or when the experience of 3-D moves forward slightly.”
David Barron: “I can’t think that there is any material that hasn’t been seen. We always had trouble trying to find cut scenes to put on the DVD extras because there weren’t really any…. So, I’m not really sure what the point of going back into it would be.”
David Yates: “There’s also a nostalgic charm about those [earlier] films as we get further and further away from them. A sort of reboot, or a re-digitization or a dropping in of new effects would take away some of that… and I think that would be a great shame.”

Thank you to the cast and crew of Harry Potter!