Top 10 Secret Starbucks Drinks

By Estella Whitewolf

Ever find yourself peering at the Starbucks menu with no idea what to order? We say, “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.” And now, we’re over it, thanks to our discovery of some hidden items on the menu that will tickle your taste buds just enough to get them out of their monotonous funk.

1. Zebra/Penguin Mocha

This delectable treat is good enough to eat with a spoon! And that’s exactly what you may end up doing with this gloriously artery-clogging masterpiece—a combination of a white chocolate and chocolate mocha. This new twist on going back to basics has nothing on eggnog.

2. Raspberry Cheesecake

This sugary drink is a white mocha Frappuccino with a few shots of raspberry syrup—vanilla sprinkles and whipped cream optional, but who wouldn't go with the option? When you’re looking for a supremely decadent dessert that will still give you a boost, this is the one.

3. Nutella

Why just have your Nutella, when you can drink it, too? The signature Starbucks concoction is made with either Café Misto or hot chocolate, a shot of hazelnut syrup, and a drop of real caramel. (Almost) better than eating it with a spoon.


4. Super Cream Frappuccino

Take your daily Frappuccino (or weekly, monthly—however often you indulge) and take it up a notch with Starbucks’ secret offering of blending half a cup of real whipped cream with your drink. It’ll make it ten times richer and tastier.


5. Biscotti Frappuccino

With so many Frapps on the menu, how are we ever going to choose? This drink consists of a biscotti blended into any Frappuccino you might order, adding some crunch for those who like to chew their drinks—trust us, it tastes better than it sounds. We liken it to orange juice with the pulp still in it.

6. Red-Tux Mocha

The newspaper version of the Zebra/Penguin Mocha—just add a touch of raspberry flavouring, and you’ve got a delectable mix of flavours—white chocolate, milk chocolate and raspberry syrup. We don’t know where you could go wrong here.


7. Cheapo

When you’re running tight on cash, the Cheapo has got your back. For times when you’re penny-pinching but you just have to get something from Starbucks, order yourself a double shot of espresso on the rocks, and throw in a couple of packs of sugar. Once it all melts, you’ll have a delicious drink without emptying your wallet.

8. Chocolate Dalmation

This potion adds chocolate chips and java chips to a plain old white chocolate mocha for an extra something to add some unexpected flavour—or, shall we say, some bite to its bark?



9. Chocolate Cream Frappuccino

All you die-hard, unendingly devoted chocolate lovers—this one’s for you. Chocolate syrup and chocolate flavouring in a frozen blended coffee make for a delicious treat—and a blood sugar spike. Warning: you may get hyper!


10. Triple-C

Unfortunately, this probably won’t add to your vitamins, but it sure will cure your sweet and spicy cravings. A fall treat like the cinnamon dolce latte becomes rich enough to enjoy in winter with the addition of a shot each of caramel syrup and chocolate mocha syrup. Mmm!


Well, that's it for this sumptuous array of sinful goods—and we know exactly where you're off to. Don't worry, we're definitely thinking the same thing; Starbucks is calling our name!