(Hypsibius dujardini)

HABITAT? Moist environments like lakes, ponds, and rivers. They live as broad as on top of the Himalayas to deep sea ocean levels.
- They’re nicknamed “water bears” and “moss piglets”
- They can survive living in extreme environments that would likely kill any other species on earth
- Their bodies can withstand freezing temperatures of below -273 degrees C and hot temperatures up to 151 degrees C, and they can withstand 1000 times more radiation than any other creature
- They’re the only animals known to survive after being exposed to the vacuum of space. Yes, they can survive space!
- Despite having 8 legs, they’re slow walkers (hence the name Tardigrades, which came from Tardigrada, which means “slow walker”)
- Grown adults can reach a size of 1.5 millimetres
- They’re usually found among moss, nibbling on plants or bacteria