Would you pay $100 for a hotdog?

If you live in the Vancouver area and want to eat the most expensive hot dog on earth, you’re in luck! DougieDog, a Granville restaurant, has just unveiled its new Dragon Dog, and it’s priced at $100.

DougieDog owner Dougie Luv named the Dragon Dog after both the Year of the Dragon and after CBC’s entrepreneur reality show, DRAGONS DEN. Luv will also appear on the show later this evening.

But what makes it so pricey?
For starters, the footlong sausage is infused with 100-year-old Louis XIII cognac (which goes for $2000 alone), then it’s topped with oil-seared Kobe beef, lobster meat and a picante sauce. Sounds great, but you have to order it 12 hours in advance so the fresh ingredients can be properly prepared.

The Dragon Dog has yet to be sold to a single customer, but we’re sure some celebrity will soon give in and rack up a hefty bill. Or, you get together with three friends and you all pay $25, and then split the dog four ways…but that’s still pretty steep for a sliver of a hotdog.

We’ll stick with our regular $3.75 footlongs and leave the $100 dogs to the big-league foodies.