Retro Tuesday: Jem and Urkel come to DVD

Look to the skies! It’s a retro looking day out there. What makes today so retro? The release of both JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS: SEASON TWO and FAMILY MATTERS: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON on DVD.


What GI JOE was to boys, JEM was to girls. It followed the life of Jem/Jerrica, a superstar living a double life. Jem is the famous lead singer of her band The Holograms, while Jerrica is the fashionable owner/manager of Starlight Music. Episodes were usually about Jem/Jerrica trying her best not to reveal her alter ego, rival bands The Misfits and The Stingers trying to upstage The Holograms and other miscellaneous adventures.

The four-disc set includes all 27 episodes from the second season, including the ones where Kimber and Stormer leave the band, the one where Roxy learns how to read,  the one where they save the natural habitat in Alaska and many more!


If Mr. Bean spoke and was American, he would be Steve Urkel. For anyone who’s ever worn one of those “Talk Nerdy To Me” t-shirts, you have Urkel to thank for making them cool (not you, BIG BANG THEORY guys). But Urkel aside, the loveable Winslow family brought so much joy until 1998 when the thick frames were finally hung up. No average, every day social issue were left unturned – respect, racism, drugs, jokes, Halloween – they covered all of those grounds and then some.

The three-disc set includes all 25 episodes from the second season, including the one where Eddie accidentally crashes the family car into the front of the house, the one where Carl imagines that he’s in a western and it introduces Steve’s cousin, Myrtle, for the first time.