Top 10 Cutest V-Day Gifts For Your BFFLs

By Estella Whitewolf

Just because Valentine’s Day is centered on sweethearts, doesn’t mean your BFFs can’t get a sweet surprise on the 14th as well. For those inclined to gift-giving on this candy-coated celebration, we’ve compiled a collection of the cutest Valentine’s Day gifts you could ever come across. Good luck picking just one!

1. Love Letters

For the dear friend in your life who still can’t get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day—because we all know someone like that—why don’t your raise their spirits with a cute collection of “highly personal anonymous letters” that are as great a read as they are a laugh. "Other People’s Love Letters: 150 Letters You Were Never Meant To See" by Bill Shapiro is an adorable addition to anyone’s bookshelf.

2. Wall Decor

For the BFFL you could never forget, say “I love you” with a Key To A Broken Heart print by Heather Amuney-Dey to guarantee you’ll be thought of just as much—every time they look at their adorned wall. The artist's website is also full of other prints for all occasions.
3. Clothes

Everybody loves pink, right? (Right?!) Even when the answer to that question is a resounding, “No!”—we still firmly believe that everyone just has to love Victoria’s Secret PINK. Gift your gal pal with a sweet tee that’s pretty much a wearable candy heart. It’ll remind her of your love and allow her to spread her love—no refunds!

4. Jewelry

Show a good friend your heart of gold with a sparkling gift to remind her of how much you love her. Scrabble enthusiasts and book-lovers are especially sure to jump at the chance to wear such a sweet necklace.


5. Headphones

If you feel like splurging a little for a special BFF who loves jamming to her iTunes, amp up the love and grab a pair of Opportunity Rocks Headphones from ModCloth so she remembers just how sweet you are every time she plugs in.


6. Makeup 

Make your bestie blush—over Stila’s “Love At First Blush” palette featuring three sizzling shades and embossed with hearts to show as much love as possible. The sweet packaging doesn’t lose any professionalism, however, thanks to Stila’s makeup expertise. Your favourite beauty maven will love to keep this in her makeup bag.

7. Chocolate

What’s even better than a box of chocolate? A bottle of it! Or, in this case, two—with The Body Shop’s Chocomania Mini Shower & Moisture Set Gift Cracker, which contains two miniature bottles of both the Chocomania body cream and shower lotion. The combination makes a sweet surprise!
8. Nail polish

Give your friend a salon treatment right at her fingertips with Sally Hansen’s adorable Valentine's Day-themed Salon Effects nail polish strips. The heart pattern is sure to put a smile on her face every time she chats with you online on Facebook.


9. A heart

And it doesn’t even have to be yours! Give your techie pal an adorable upgrade for her desk with a jeweled rhinestone heart mouse for her computer. Every click will warm her heart a little more. It’s a perfect way to say “I love you” to your BFFL.


10. Art supplies

Spread the love to an artist pal (or two!) with a set of eco-friendly recycled heart-shaped crayons from Katie’s Crayons. Sometimes the best gifts are the green ones (although these come in pink and red!).


Whether you're spending Valentine's Day with your sweetheart, friends, family or all three, these gifts are sure to charm even the most pessimistic person and cheer their gloomy spirits. After all, "Love is all you need!"