Happy 18th Birthday, Biebs!

If you’re one of those people who have gone through the “phases” of Justin Bieber, you’re not alone. Phases include:
1. Going “WTF” at his famousness
2. Getting extremely irritated by his famousness
3. Going “WTF” at his fan base
4. Closet listening to his songs
5. Wondering how he made a holiday album cool
6. Jumping on the fan bandwagon
7. Becoming neutral to his existence overall

Once you get to phase seven, you wonder why his stardom ever bothered you to begin with.

We have to give the boy credit, he’s earned his place on top. He’s made it clear that he writes his own stuff, his tweets are re-tweeted more than anyone else’s in the world (that includes President Obama,) he’s survived being egged and booed off stage, he’s had both braces and a retainer and when he was six years old on a camping trip, he survived an encounter with a bear.

Our own interview with his old babysitter confirmed our love and respect for the Biebs: he’s had talent from an insanely early age. So, from your friends at The Mag, JB, we wish you a super b-day!

For his 18th, Justin received a luxury Fisker Karma electric car from his manager, Scooter, on the ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW! Again, we were bitter about this millionaire boy getting more, but Scooter’s speech, again, won us over. Check out the video here:


  • megan

    i used to h8 him but now i think hes cool
    well happy b-day j-biebs