Germany’s Mystery Money Man

By Dina Ginzburg

The small town of Braunschweig, Germany has never been so lucky…or confused. A hospice, soup kitchen, church, museum, robbery victim and a disabled boy are among the recipients of unsigned envelopes stuffed full of money!

Some of the envelopes had up to 10,000 Euros in them (approx. $13,000.) For the record, we here at The Mag accept random money donations. (Just putting it out there, Germany!)

Up till now, 300,000 Euros have been donated and the identity of the person who sent the money still remains a mystery. While the citizens are pleased that there’s someone out there that’s so generous, they have to stop and think why in the world someone would do this (and how do they have so much cash to spare)?

Some believe that the Good Samaritan (as he/she is being called) is someone very rich but on the brink of death with no family to inherit their money. Others think that this is the work of a thief who feels guilty and wants to make things right.

Whoever this mystery benefactor is, we’re still happy to see random acts of kindness in the world!