This is what a tornado looks like on Mars

Is there life on Mars? We don’t know for sure. But we know this much: there is dust…just like on Earth. The two planets seem more and more alike every day! Glad we have a backup planet for when ours gets used up.

NASA cameras caught a picture of this dusty tornado on the surface of Mars. The dust whirl is actually called a "dust devil," not to be confused with the "Dirt Devil" which is the popular brand of vacuum cleaner.

Also Earth-like, these winds are powered by the heat from the sun. The dust whirl reaches up to 800m high and 30m wide and it covers an area of more than 600m.

This picture was taken by the Reconnaissance Orbiter last month during the time of year when Mars is furthest away from the sun.

So, yes, it would be freezing on Mars, but something you’ll learn fast while living in Canada: cold weather won’t stop the wind.

We’re excited to experience this all one day when we live on Mars! Or perhaps the moon; we’re not picky.