Think you’ve finally just kicked your ANGRY BIRDS addiction? Well good news, there’s a new ANGRY BIRDS obsession to pick up where that one left off!

ANGRY BIRDS SPACE is launching today into the galaxy of Apple iOS and Android devices, as well as PCs and Macintosh computers. The original game requires the players to shoot a bunch of angry birds out of a slingshot into a pack of hungry pigs who have taken their eggs.

But the new game goes down like this: a giant claw has taken the Angry Birds’ eggs, and the birds chase the claw into a wormhole that takes them into outer space. The birds are now floating in a strange new galaxy, surrounded also by floating space pigs.

The game features 60 interstellar levels on new planets, some with zero gravity. There are also new birds, superpowers, adventures and trick shots!

But it’s not just gamers who are excited about the new ANGRY BIRDS SPACE. NASA was first to announce the new game, with NASA’s David Weaver further explaining “Angry Birds is an exciting way to get people engaged with NASA’s missions of exploration and discovery and get students energized about future careers in science and technology.”

Also, National Geographic has just published NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ANGRY BIRD SPACE. The book mixes images of the bird characters with facts about outer space, gravity and more.

The game is $0.99 to buy and you can get it from your mobile or iTunes.