It’s Raining Cats and Trapped Dogs

By Dina Ginzburg

They’ve been at it again. It’s not for the first time that The Mag has heard of stories of animals doing ridiculous things. In fact, it’s been a while since we’ve reported on animals being hilarious! This is a good day. This week, Sugar the cat and Tinks the dog are our new favourite animals.

Sugar, who resides in Boston, fell out of a 19th story window and walked away without any broken bones or serious injuries. Apparently, cats and flying squirrels have something in common, because they both spread their legs when falling from great heights to avoid getting hurt. Nice one, Sugar! But next, maybe you should opt for something a little less life-threatening to get on the news!

Contrarily, Tinks made an honest mistake, or so we’d like to think. He managed to get his head stuck in a wheel while exploring a stable yard. It took the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service plus a vet to get her out, but the important thing is that she has been freed with her little head firmly on her shoulders! They should really make tires with bigger holes in the middle…

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