Spring Trends to Try

By Dina Ginzburg

With all this early warm weather, some of you are probably ready for a shopping trip to get new clothes. But with so many options and cool new styles to choose from, which ones are the best to opt for? Here are a few of the most popular trends to keep an eye out for this spring:

Photo courtesy of Next

Colour Blocking:
Taking two colours that seem to clash and wearing them together is actually okay this season. Try this look out for yourself by choosing clothing or accessories from opposite sides of the colour wheel. (Example: orange with blue or light green with light purple)

Photo courtesy of H & M

Orange and Tangerine:

There used to be a time where you would run as fast as you possibly could from any article of clothing that was orange, but this spring that’s all about to change because dressing like a citrus fruit has suddenly become stylish!

Photo courtesy of 3Suisses


We’re not talking full on Star Trek suits here, but a top with a design of the galaxy or some geometrical silver jewelry would not go amiss.

Photo courtesy of Gap Kids


Pastel colours don’t have to be reserved strictly for Easter and baby showers! Wear some soft, pretty colours like mint, lavender or light pink to give yourself a new, season appropriate look for spring that’s like a breath of fresh air after the darker colours of winter.

Photo courtesy of Top Shop


Metallic coloured shorts have been cropping up everywhere recently and for a good reason! Metallic pieces add some sparkle to your outfit and will make people stop and stare! Just remember to keep the rest of what you’re wearing very simple and non-metallic; otherwise you’ll look like a robot.

Photo courtesy of Forever 21


At first, this style was a little confusing. Who wants to wear a dress with a bunch of material that sticks out at the waist? If you look again, the peplum waistline can be very flattering and adds dimension to your outfit.