PS4: Release Date Rumors

Thank you, internet! Once again you’ve leaked some info to us. It seems that there have been some rumors sprouting about the release of Sony’s newest PlayStation console.

A source spoke to a US news website saying the PS4 will be called “Orbis” and it will hit shelves late 2013 (probably around holiday time when everyone’s doing their Christmas shopping.)

Another unconfirmed tidbit of info: you won’t be able to share the games with other consoles or sell them second hand because the games will be "locked" to only one PlayStation account. Gamers also won’t be able to play PS3 games on it because it won’t be “backwards-compatible.”

But enough of what you can’t do and some of what you can do with the PS4: the console will allegedly work with PlayStation’s Vita, a lot like the upcoming tablet for Nintendo’s Wii U.

Bear in mind, none of this has been confirmed by Sony, but where there’s smoke, there’s fire. There were plenty of rumors surrounding an ANCHORMAN sequel before we got its confirmation! Also, the rumors were picked up by the official PlayStation magazine, leading us to believe that they’re probably true.

In between now and when it comes out, we’re sure there will be more “rumours” to come!