Stuff to do during Earth Hour

What’s so special about Earth Hour? It is the one hour where the world collectively comes together and makes a effort to save the planet. For one hour – tomorrow night between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm – turn off everything in your house and see what its like to live without any TV, computer, light, ceiling fan and anything else that requires energy. The planet (and your parents hydro bill) will thank you!

It’s not just an hour where weirdo hippies sit around with bongos! Many restaurants, theaters and other public establishments will be doing their part to participate in the hour. You can, too! Here’s a list of fun stuff that you and your friends can do during the hour of celebratory darkness:

- Start early in the day and get your friends outside together for a picnic. Do your best at using as many reusable containers as possible to limit waste!

- Give your mom a break and do your own laundry… by hand. It’s easier than you think and you’d be surprised how much energy you’d be saving if you did one hand-washed load a week.

- Find a bonfire pit and have a bonfire! If it’s too cold to sit outside, sit inside with some lit candles and tell each other spooky stories.

- Stargaze.

- Read a book or magazine by candlelight… just be careful not to accidentally light something on fire. We recommend using a covered flame.

- Sit with family and friends and recite as many quotes from THE SIMPSONS (or any favourite TV show) as humanly possible.

- Try out something that you’ve wanted to do but have never got around to doing, like sketching, origami or knitting.

- Play with your pet. (And send in a picture to email hidden; JavaScript is required and win a free subscription!)

- Pull out a board game, also by candlelight. We recommend one of the billions of versions of Monopoly.

- Make a list of everything you want to achieve over summer.

We guarantee that by the end of this super fun Earth Hour, you’ll be putting aside an hour a week with no hydro just to catch up on the new hobby you’ve acquired.