Eduard Witzke talks Season 2 of WHAT’S UP WARTHOGS!

Have you been missing your fix of school announcement ridiculousness? Thankfully, WHAT’S UP WARTHOGS is returning with brand new episodes tomorrow at 5pm ET on Family Channel!

What does season two have in store? The Mag got the chance to chat with Eduard Witzke, better known as Charlie, to give you a glimpse on what you can expect!

How do you think your character, Charlie, has progressed over the second season?
E: I think Charlie’s gained a little more confidence in himself. He wears his hair a little differently; he’s got a new wardrobe and stuff for him. He gets to do some pretty wacky things this season. Well, he did that season one but I guess he gets to do some stuff that’s a little wackier this season. The storylines for him are great—he got a promotion and now he’s the on-locations reporter, so he’s always where the action is. It’s great to see him put his own spin on the situations that are at hand, and really complement the show, WHAT’S UP WARTHOGS!…on the show, WHAT’S UP WARTHOGS!

So, with his conspiracy theories and all of that kind of stuff—do you think that’s taken a sort of back burner and you’re more focusing on him as a character?
No, I would say there are still flavours of that, like he still has little flashes of his conspiracy theories and stuff, but he’s also definitely more involved with the group now. All his randomness is for an effect; it all pertains more to the story now. So I definitely do enjoy that—his jokes are a little bit wittier. He has his own thrills. I remember in season two we had an episode where there was a girl who had a crush on Charlie and that’s the first time that’s ever happened for him, so that was really, really fun to experience.

Charlie aside, how do you think this show as a whole has progressed over the second season?
It still is and feels like a brand new show! It just feels like everything got upgraded. The chemistry between the cast is amazing. We got to work with a lot of amazing directors this season that really brought the stuff that wasn’t on the pages of the script forward, which is why we had really nice moments in every single episode that we got to execute nicely. The set’s better, we’ve definitely upgraded there…hair, makeup and wardrobe has been looking amazing. And the storylines! For the episodes that we have, there are so many times—you know, before I had never broken character, or cracked down, or cracked up or whatever you want to call it—where I was laughing so hard because the stuff we’re doing is legitimately funny! There are some times where I can’t even keep character because I’m just laughing so hard at what’s going on. And that’s really exciting to feel.

What was your favourite thing that Charlie has said or done over the whole series so far?
Over the whole series, for Charlie, I think one of the funnest things I’ve done…is funnest a word?

I don’t know! “More fun” maybe, I guess, but it’s not important.
[Laughs] Okay, the most fun thing I’ve done as Charlie all season—and I don’t want to spill too many beans here—is Charlie gets to go to a retirement home and experience life being retired. So there’s a great scene where he’s pitching retirement to his fellow classmates and he’s really getting into the whole “retired life” thing. And that’s the scene that really sticks out the most right now.

How do you and the rest of the actors get along together?
Famously! It’s weird, because we all have a kind of “group relationship.” With the four of us together, we can talk about anything, joke about anything…but we also have different, personal relationships on each level. I’ve grown really close to Ana, I’ve gotten really close to Karissa. With Tiago, I no longer feel like I have to play his best friend anymore because I feel that I am his best friend and I feel that that just translates onto the screen. So, we all have these individual relationships that also complement the group chemistry that we have together. Off-set, we’re laughing just as much as we do on-set.

Do you guys ever get the chance to improvise with your own script?
[Laughs loudly] I think the chance to improvise is a little bit of an understatement. I think we all have some sort of quirks or gimmicks that we all love throwing in. And that’s the beauty about this production, about this team: that our executive producer grants us that freedom, that if we have a joke or something that we really think will work at a certain moment, we’re free to pitch it. Some of the time, it gets written in and it gets approved and we get to do it! And that’s not on even on rehearsal days: sometimes we’ll come up with something 30 seconds before we’re about to shoot it. And we do it, and we get it done, and there are so many moments that I have been so grateful that my production team has allowed me to express my creativity with Charlie when I come up with something that I think will accentuate the scene. The cast, the production crew, the directors—everybody who works on this show has a similar goal in that we all want to make this the best show possible. So everybody’s voice is heard, everybody has…a fork in the pie, or whatever expression you want to use!

After playing two seasons of Charlie’s character, do you feel like you’re adapting his characteristics into your everyday life?
Yeah, just sometimes…a little bit of Charlie will pop out every now and then. We’ll be joking around or something and I’ll say something ridiculous, or off-the-cuff, or something that’s witty but not funny, or funny but not witty…or something that’s not funny, nor witty, at all…and so—[laughs]—it all adds up, and I definitely find that some flavours of Charlie will pop in at times. But I’ve also been trying to put a lot of flavours of Ed into Charlie as well, this season.

What are you doing with all of your spare time now?
Sleeping…kick back…that’s fully what I want to do…Not looking at work. I don’t have to memorize 35 pages a day anymore, so time for some rest. I want to relax, I just want to kick back a little bit… [But] keep your eye out for us for season three, because that’s when we have to come back to Toronto to film.

If you could be any other character on the show, who would it be?
Yeah, I can’t think of an example right now, but the character would have a flair that I would really like to explore. I wouldn’t mind being Victoria or Eric, because I get a little envious of the newscast and stuff like that, and the on-air segments that they have. Just because Charlie doesn’t really get to do that too much; I watch it a lot from the monitors and it looks so good! And it’s really, really funny, so I think to be a part of the on-air segments and parts like that of the show would be a lot of fun. But, the answer that comes to mind first is that I would love to be Mr Denovi. He always has an amazing storyline going on with him. He has great moments and the writing for him is fantastic. The chemistry that he has with the rest of the cast is fantastic as well.

Anything else you want to say about the second season of WHAT’S UP WARTHOGS!?
Well, I’m really excited for it—it looks like a completely different show. I, myself, am excited to watch it…so if you thought season one was great, look out, because we have a better one coming.

Thank you, Ed! Don’t miss the season two premiere of WHAT’S UP WARTHOGS! tomorrow night at 5pm ET on Family!

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    i cant wait to see the new  episodes love the show alot

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    Hi , is the cast Victoria still the same girl from last season? She looks different