It's Juno Time!

Even if you’re not into award shows, everyone’s into William Shatner! Get your friends together and see what Canadian Artists will be recognized in the Junos, tonight at 8pm ET on CTV!

They may not be as well-known as the Grammys, but The Junos showcase and honour our homespun talent as well as American and foreign artists. Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, City and Colour and Drake are only a few of the artists that are nominated this year. Who will win the Fan’s Choice Award? Who will publicly “boo” if Nickleback gets awarded for the 13th time?

Plus, Justin Bieber’s dad is going. Does that mean the Biebs will be showing up in Ottawa for the event, too? Apparently, they’re not expecting him to show up, but they’re expecting he will win Album of the Year for UNDER THE MISTLETOE.

Hosted by everyone’s favourite insane Canadian, William Shatner, the evening will be nothing less than a riot to watch. And if you find award shows boring, do what we do: have it on as buzz noise in the background while you sit around your computer looking up hilarious and adorable animal videos. We’ll get the ball rolling: