Steven Spielberg and Jeremy Irvine talk WAR HORSE

The loveable and heart-tugging story is coming to DVD/Blu-ray today! The Academy Award nominated WAR HORSE is now available on the small screen on a four-disc combo pack.

Set during the First World War, WAR HORSE tells the story of Albert (Jeremy Irving), a boy who develops a friendship with his horse, Joey. But when the two are forcefully parted, the horse continues to journey throughout the war, inspiring the people he meets along the way until he finds his way home.

“The bones of the story of WAR HORSE is a love story. That’s what makes it universal. It was that way in the book and it was certainly that way on the boards in the West End of London. That’s also what we hoped to create with our movie adaptation.” Director Steven Spielberg said in a press release, “This isn’t a typical war film. This is not SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. This isn’t BAND OF BROTHERS. If you really look at this movie, there are only 12 to 15 minutes of combat from the cavalry charge to the fighting in the Somme. I wanted families to see this picture together. That’s why there’s hardly any blood in this movie.”

“Jeremy Irvine stood out because he had an ineffable quality that certain stars have – or certain exceptional people have – that makes them stand out and rise above the rest,” Spielberg continued about his lead star.

“I’m just proud to be a part of it…. Just to have lines in a movie — any movie — is ridiculous and to be in a Steven Spielberg movie is beyond my wildest dreams. It’s something I never even contemplated.” Irvine mentioned in his release about working on the film, “I wasn’t even getting called back for commercials so why would I get a Steven Spielberg movie? It was really bizarre.”

The four-disc Combo Pack includes the following bonus features:
- A Filmmaking Journey: Spielberg gives his perspective of the making of the film
- Editing and Scoring: Film editor Michael Kahn and composer John Williams discuss specific aspects of editing the film
- The Sounds of WAR HORSE: Sound designer Gary Rydstrom talks through the sound design of WAR HORSE
- Through the Producer’s Lens: Producer Kathleen Kennedy talks about the photos she took during filming and why WAR HORSE appealed to her
- An Extra’s Point of View: Film extra Martin Dew walks the viewer through how he was brought in to be featured as both German and British soldiers