One Direction in dispute over name

Just when we thought that there wasn’t anyone in the world who didn’t like One Direction, news like this comes along.

It seems there’s another band called One Direction from Californa, USA. They say they’ve been around since 2009 and have recorded two albums under the name. American One Direction is now asking UK One Direction to change their name, since they used it without asking them first.

Since UK One Direction weren’t founded until after they were put together in 2010 on the show X FACTOR, they may have a case. American One Direction is also claiming that Simon Cowell knew about the band name duplicate last year, but didn’t do anything about the problem.

But that’s not all, as they’re also demanding that the UK One Direction pay them shares of their profits in music sales.

We hope that everyone can all just get along! Perhaps one of the bands will just have to upgrade to “Two Directions”? But that may not make any sense at all.

What would you change One Direction's name to?

  • Emmacarroll2000

    hey naill big fan i live in mullingar aswell i love uuuuu so so so so much i c u cumin ot of danny byrus 1 of da days anyways naill,zayn,louis,harry i tink u shuld leave ur name da y it is let dem change dr name love ye,s i onli fund ot today tht u wr changin ur name ad i was lik no love u 1D plz txt me back