Solar Powered Garbage Cans

By Dina Ginzburg

Overflowing garbage cans are easily the most irksome and pointless things in the world. Garbage cans are meant to keep trash off the ground, not tumbling out of them and all over the place! It’s even worse when it’s outdoors, because then the trash has a better chance of floating around in the wind and coming in contact with you!

Luckily, some smart people in England have invented solar powered garbage cans that take care of this problem. They can hold up to 8 times the amount that an average outdoor garbage bin can and they light up when they reach capacity, so that park and street workers know when to empty them. Since they’re powered by the sun, they don’t leave a carbon footprint, which is great!

So far, there are 1,000 of these in England and hopefully they will eventually make their way into North America!