J.K. Rowling: New Book Details!

Sure, it’s going to be for adults, but we’re still super excited about JK Rowling’s new book! She and her publishers have just announced details like the title: THE CASUAL VACANCY.

Her new publishers, Little Brown Book Group, have also revealed that the book will be published worldwide in English on Sept. 27th of this year, and it will be available in multiple formats like hardcover, e-book, downloadable audio and on CD-Rom.

According to the publisher, THE CASUAL VACANCY will take place in a peaceful British town called Pagford. The story will be about the unexpected death of a parish councilor that leaves the community in shock and sparks an election war within the town.

The publishers went on to describe the book as "blackly comic, thought-provoking and constantly surprising."

Given the success of her previous HARRY POTTER novels, we’re surprised she’s even bothering to write at all, since she’s one of the richest authors. But, we’ll see how she fares with the grown ups once THE CASUAL VACANCY hits shelves!