TO THE ARCTIC 3D and CHIMPANZEE Hit Theatres Tonight

By Dina Ginzburg

With Earth Day on April 22nd, it only makes sense that two nature documentaries come out! Say what you will about nature docs being boring, we can’t help but aw and laugh when we learn about the animals.

CHIMPANZEE tells the story of a three year old orphaned chimp who gets adopted by a fully grown male chimp. The movie took three years to film and is sponsored by the Jane Goodall Institute. Jane Goodall was an anthropologist who studied the behavior of chimps and founded the institute to raise funds and awareness for their safety.

TO THE ARCTIC 3D is about the journey that two polar bear cubs and their mother must make across the Arctic that isn’t quite the same as before due to climate change. The movie shows the kind and loving side to polar bears, and it's in stunning IMAX 3D for extra amazing-ness.

Celebrate Earth Day by catching TO THE ARCTIC and CHIMPANZEE, both hit theatres tonight! If you don’t catch the movies, here are some fun facts about polar bears and chimps anyways:

Fun facts about the Polar Bears
- The front paws of a polar bear are webbed to help them swim
- Polar bears can be found in Canada, Norway, Russia and Denmark
- The fur of a polar bear is actually transparent, but because there’s so much of it, it looks white
- Underneath their “white” fur, polar bears have black skin
- Humans are the polar bears only predators
- Polar Bears are left handed

Fun facts about the Chimpanzee’s
- Chimpanzees are the mammals that most resemble humans
- Chimps rarely come down from the trees
- They use “tools” (rocks and sticks) to get food
- They eat fruits, seeds, blossoms, berries and leaves and will occasionally eat other monkeys as well and young goats and antelopes
- They throw large branches and leopards and humans, who are their only predators.