Interview with Chiara Young

Meet Canadian up-and-comer, Chiara Young! Here's the extended interview from our May/June 2012 issue.

What has been your biggest inspiration to pursue music?
I’ve always been interested in singing and entertaining, but I guess the thing that pushed me and inspired me to pursue music the most was just the feeling that it was what I had to do. [It was] the only thing that I was good at and the only thing I would think about on a 24/7 basis.

What’s your songwriting process like?
It always begins with an experience that I have been through or have been going through recently. It all starts with a melody in my head, and from there I get inspired from sounds of instruments which evolves into new melodies and lyrics and the feel of a song. Once the idea, the concept and melodies are all in place, I begin to build and shape all these different elements into a song.

Are you getting a lot of Lights comparisons?
I do get comparisons quite often, but it doesn't bother me much anymore. People always need a grid for comparison, especially in music. They will always compare you to something or someone, or a cross between the two or three; it makes it easier for people to understand what you're bringing to the table.

Is it true you’re also a painter?
I am on the side lines, I always enjoy drawing and creating art, but music is my number one.

Do you write all of your own songs and lyrics?
I do write all my lyrics and most of my songs, but a lot of the time I love bringing people in on my ideas to make them even better. There are always different ways to make a small idea into a BIG idea with other people helping along the way.

As a musician, what’s something that you would never do?
Hmm, that's a hard one. I guess I would say that the music industry is like a roller coaster, always up and down constantly. So as a musician, I would never ever give up, burn bridges, or stop pushing myself.

Thank you, Chiara! For more of Chiara Young, check out her website here.