DARK SHADOWS Hits Theatres Today!

By Dina Ginzburg

It seems that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are a package deal. Today, yet another Tim and Johnny collaboration is making its way into theatres!

The long awaited vampire comedy DARK SHADOWS is based on the '60s and '70s soap opera of the same name. It tells the tale of Barnabas, a wealthy young Englishman who gets turned into a vampire by Angelique Bouchard, a witch whose heart he unwisely broke. Two hundred years later, he returns to his old mansion after being freed from his coffin by construction workers. His family’s descendants are currently living in the house and Barnabas finds them to be quite the dysfunctional lot.

Though the movie may be a comedy, the original show was much darker and didn’t even mention vampires or anything supernatural until a year after the show began airing. Often, the actors on the show would have to play several characters because people kept quitting their jobs for other acting gigs, and you’ll soon understand why.

Though the show was super popular and had a huge cult following, behind the scenes things would get rather unprofessional. Actors didn’t know their lines, sets would be seen falling in the middle of a scene, microphones and flies would be left in the shots, glass would be knocked over and broken and stagehands were visible in the scenes. Since TV sets didn’t have the same technology they do now, resetting for a scene was much harder so they would have to air episodes knowing that they were full of mistakes.

Don't miss DARK SHADOWS when it hits theatres tonight!