Paddington Bear: The Movie

By Dina Ginzburg

One of the most adorable cartoons to ever grace television screens was THE ADVENTURES OF PADDINGTON BEAR. It was based on a series of books about a talking teddy bear that was left alone at Paddington Station in London and was adopted by a family.

David Heyman, the producer of all the HARRY POTTER movies, and Paul King have announced that they are working on a movie adaptation of the beloved stories. The movie will be a mix of CGI and live-action, like THE SMURFS movie.

Heyman and King said that they intend to put a modern spin on the movie, which could really go both ways. One of the reasons that today’s audiences still love Paddington is that everything about him has history behind it. Having him walking around in Times Square during the 21st century just wouldn’t be the same. However, as long as Paddington’s cute rainy day outfit, good manners and love for marmalade aren’t lost in the vision, the movie’s bound to be okay… right?