DEGRASSI Season 12 Premiere

By Dina Ginzburg

You’ve seen the teaser trailer, you’ve read the interviews, you’ve searched the web for insider info and finally the day has arrived. The 12th season of DEGRASSI premieres tonight!

Season 12 introduces four new characters. Becky Baker, played by Sarah Fisher, has already caught the attention of critics. She and Eli Goldsworthy are set to clash from the get-go, so it will be interesting to see how their relationship plays out.  Speaking of relationships, what will happen with Eli and Clare? According to an interview we did with Aislinn Paul, we’ll find out in tonight’s episode!

Changes are on the way for Degrassi Community School. A new hockey team will create conflicts thanks to new students Mike Dallas, Campbell Saunders and Luke Baker, who seem determined to rule the school.  Those of you who watched the first three minutes of the first episode on will know that Degrassi will no longer have uniforms! This means we can learn more about the characters through their fashion choices. Katie will certainly express herself through her style this season.

Don’t miss the premiere of DEGRASSI season 12 at 10pm! For exclusive interviews with the cast, tune in to New.Music.Live at 6pm and MuchMusic at 9pm.

Five reasons why DEGRASSI has lasted so long:

  1. There is constantly a new rotation of characters.
  2. The show deals with important issues like violence and discrimination.
  3. The script keeps up with the times and mentions things that are relevant to viewers, like social media and emerging artists.
  4. The show isn’t afraid of a little bit of controversy.
  5. Everyone who watches DEGRASSI will find a character that they root for and can relate to.
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