Sea Serpent Spotted in Norway

By Dina Ginzburg

Despite the lack of concrete evidence that sea monsters exist, people still believe in them. Three men in Norway believe they saw a sea serpent while visiting Lake Hornindalsvatnet.

Reports of sea serpents have been filed for centuries. Lake Hornindalsvatnet is said to be home to a sea serpent, according to people who claim to have seen the monster with their own eyes. The men in Norway hadn’t expected to see anything out of the ordinary and were shocked when they saw something strange in the water. They promptly snapped some pictures and tried to get closer in their boat, but the thing had slipped away by the time they got there.

Many people are reluctant to believe in sea serpents. What the men saw could have been a length of cable or a branch. Nobody has ever taken a clear picture or found physical evidence that creepy sea monsters are real, just look at all the attempts to take a picture of the Loch Ness Monster! Still, many hold firmly to the belief that sea serpents exist.

Anything is possible, right? We only have one question: what’s a sea serpent doing in a lake?