EXCLUSIVE Interview with Atticus Mitchell

By Dina Ginzburg

A show about wizards AND vampires? Count us in! MY BABYSITTER’S A VAMPIRE has just kicked off its second season. We sat down with Atticus Mitchell, who plays Benny the spellmaster, to get the inside scoop on season two, working in the entertainment industry and high school memories.

What made you want to start acting?

I was interested in it at a young age, but I never really pursued it because I always had other interests, like music. Then, it kind of came easily… There was an agent who lived down the street and I quickly picked myself up by my bootstraps! 

What was your favourite part about filming season two of MY BABYSITTER’S A VAMPIRE?

Seeing everybody again. I missed these guys a lot! The first season was fun, but in the second season we were a lot more comfortable with each other. It’s just really nice working with them.

Is there a particular scene or episode that you’re really excited for fans to see? 

We have a Halloween episode… I can’t really say too much, but it was the most fun and probably the best episode of the season. It’s so great! 

You're also a musician. Do you have any new tracks coming out?

I’m primarily focused on acting. The band is a thing with my older brother and a couple of his friends. We were in a band for a while, then we weren’t, and now I just re-entered a new one. It's a three person band that plays tiny, tiny shows in Toronto. 

What’s the most intimidating part about working in the entertainment industry? 

It’s the stress and the doubt all the time. When filming, it’s when hours get really late. I get really tense while wondering if I’m up to speed and doing okay. You have to stop focusing on yourself and think about the role more as a solid whole. 

Your character has to deal with some intense things at school. Was high school a scary experience for you?

The first two years of high school I didn’t like… I didn’t do very well and it was tough. As soon as I hit grade 11, I solidified friendships with everybody because I figured out who my friends were. After that, school was a breeze… and I lived two minutes away from my school, so that was great!

If you could be either a wizard or a vampire, which one would you choose?

Wizard! I couldn’t be a vampire. Everyone who’s a vampire on the show is either insane, stupid or angry… well except Vanessa’s character, who's kind of normal. 

Thanks, Atticus! You can catch MY BABYSITTER'S A VAMPIRE on Disney Channel and Teletoon!

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