Sunday Six: Best Cartoon Conspiracy Theories

By Sarah Khan

There are some people who live to ruin things for others. Among those people are those who came up with cartoon conspiracy theories which spoil the innocence of our most beloved childhood cartoons. Regardless, some of their theories are pretty interesting and, today, we're going to share the six more ridiculous, cool or interesting ones with you.

6. 8028965745_f32a5f63ed_zPOKEMON: This theory claims that all the adventures Ash goes on with Pikachu are a figment of his comatose mind. Yes, comatose! Apparently, the theory says that when Ash was struck by lightening in the very first episode, he fell into a coma. The entire Pokemon universe is Ash's attempt to wake from his coma. The characters he meets also all represent a part of his personality.

garfieldy5. GARFIELD: According to this theory, Garfield is dying of starvation all alone somewhere and is hallucinating Jon, Odie and all the food he consumes. This was supposedly proven in a comic strip where Garfield awakes to a cold and empty house and is overcome with a frightening sense of loneliness. Deciding he doesn't want to be alone, Garfield wills himself back into his comfortable world of illusion!

ScoobyDooGang4. SCOOBY-DOO: The gang always ends up in the most spooky places and chases a paranormal bad guy only to have it end up being someone in disguise. It's suspected that the show actually takes place just after a huge economical depression which is why everything looks so deserted. The baddies who are always out to steal something precious are people who were once respected members of the community, but have fallen on hard times and are trying to do anything to survive!

Spongebob100720022139533. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS: In the late '40s and early '50s, Bikini Atoll was the location of nuclear arms testing. The area under the atoll, called Bikini Bottom, was affected by the nuclear testing resulting in Spongebob and his friends. This theory actually makes a lot of since if you think about just how extremely bizarre and his friends really are! And, for the looks of they, the nuclear testing doesn't seem to have harmed their lives in much of a negative way, anyway!

_42369473_flintstonespair3002. THE FLINTSTONES: This one is probably the cleverest theory we've come across. Everyone thinks that the Flintstones live in prehistoric times since, after all, they are the "modern stone age family"! However, they seem to have an incredibly modern concept of things like transportation, technology and entertainment. Therefore, it's theorized that the show actually takes place in an post-apocalyptic future where everything has been rebuilt using the survivors' limited knowledge of the past!

inspector gadget cartoon1. INSPECTOR GADGET: This theory literally blew our minds and we can't believe we didn't see it earlier! Apparently, Inspector Gadget's arch nemesis, Dr. Claw, is the real Inspector Gadget! The theory explains that Inspector Gadget was thought to have died or gone crazy during an investigation and a new Inspector was built to replace him. Furious, Dr. Claw vowed to destroy the new Inspector Gadget! This also explains why Jenny, Inspector Gadgets niece is never harmed!