Gotham City is in New Jersey?

By Kathleen Carpo-Garcia 


Batman’s hometown might be closer than you think.

According to THE ATLAS OF THE DC UNIVERSE, Gotham City is located in New Jersey. The book says that Gotham City is located across the Delaware Bay from Metropolis, placing it on the southern coast of New Jersey. This book was released back in 1990 so the news technically isn’t new. But even Wikipedia and the DC Comics wiki confirm it!

Gotham City has always been associated with the East Coast of the U.S. in 1990, a New York Times columnist wrote that Gotham actually is New York. In the recent BATMAN films, however, director Christopher Nolan has used different locations, making it harder to pin Gotham City on the map. THE DARK KNIGHT was mostly shot in Chicago, but THE DARK KNIGHT RISES was shot in Chicago, New York and Pittsburgh. 

It only took over 20 years to find the answer inside a book, but now we know where Batman is from!

  • gameboykid2002

    That's so cool. I wish i lived in Gotham city