By Evan Yeong

Total-drama-all-starsWhat went down in episode 2 of TOTAL DRAMA ALL-STARS? Read on for the full breakdown!


The contestants must find seven 3D puzzle pieces hidden in the sand and arrange them into a national landmark from a country visited during the Total Drama World Tour. Oh, and there’s a moat around each platform filled with angry crabs. There are also traps hidden everywhere.

The teams, for the most part, are neck and neck. Hero Mike’s alter-ego Manitoba Smith allows him to dig swiftly, finding a piece in no time. On the other hand, villain Lightning had nothing to eat but bad fish on Boney Island, and “sometimes, when [his] tummy’s empty, [his] mind ain’t full.” Even with Sam doing next to nothing due to an overly hungry mosquito Zoey still manages to save the day by throwing their last piece, the Statue of Liberty’s torch, into place and completing their puzzle before the Villainous Vultures can.

The Heroic Hamsters win.


Sam graciously offers to be exiled to Boney Island after not helping at all during the challenge.

With the villains up this time around, it’s Lightning on the chopping block for miscounting their pieces and saying they were done digging, as well as for his “excessive bicep kissing.” Jo is up for trying to send Lightning home (SH-WHAT?). Both are strong contestants, but only one will be next to bid everyone a porcelain good-bye.

Lightning is eliminated.


First and foremost, Alejandro’s legs appear to still be asleep after his year in the robot suit, but he’s faking it. Heather’s suspicious of him, but a tiny bit attracted, too. Alejandro also flirts with Gwen on the beach, and she admits in a confessional that she does find him charming. As far as Gwen and Courtney’s relationship, another attempt at saying sorry ends up with a booby trap covering Courtney in garbage; apology not accepted.

Elsewhere, a shovel to the face sends Manitoba Smith back into Mike’s unconscious, while also releasing a hidden personality named Mal. This alter-ego manifests itself during the elimination ceremony, creepily saying “one by one, they will all fall.”

Wondering where in the world Lightning is now? Check out the bonus video below for a peek at his life after the Flush of Shame:

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